Condition/ audiovisual installation/ Kaunas/ 2023

  Illness is the dark side of life, the burdensome status of a citizen. Everyone is born with dual citizenship in the realms of prosperity and sickness. Although we all want to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is forced to recognize ourselves as citizens of those other places, at least for a while.
  Susan Sontag's book Illness as a Metaphor and the author's journey with cancer begin with these words.
  The audiovisual installation "Condition" is a portal that gives the viewer the opportunity to move into the world of the sick, which is full of pain, suffering and uncertainty, and to feel what the other feels and what this inner world looks like. The development of this topic was determined by the personal experience of the disease (multiple sclerosis). The diagnosis of the disease was unexpected for me, as for every patient. The experience of learning that your body is rejecting you and destroying everything from within is a shock. No one can even see this process, but you feel it, it is too difficult to talk about it, because there are no words to express it. This work is an expression of a personalized experience that allows us to see the inner world affected by the disease.

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